US Drivers

One problem with many Americans is that they are really bad at driving. Take these images, captured from CCTV recordings.

First, note the scene: a small child rushes out in front of traffic. Note that the policeman is standing in front of a stop sign.

Now here comes a typical bad driver, failing to indicate or slow down while making a
left turn...

...and now she fails to stop or even slow down for the stop sign! And the policeman makes no attempt to stop her or warn her of her dangerous driving. Something should be done, what kind of example is this mother setting for her children?


Anonymous said...

im not arrogant..

the post was funny though

ool272 said...

What's more, you'll find that this woman has been doing the same thing almost every day for the last fifteen years! And still the policeman refuses to do anything about it.

courtney gilchrist said...

who is this you are weird i dont get what u are trying to say