Boom Selection 2

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This week, I have mostly been listening to "Cars with The Boom" by L'Trimm. This is a US-only hit from the late eighties from a pair of Miami teenage girls.

The reason for this is the excellent "Best Booty of 2005" collection, which included this infectious sample of two clearly amateur rappers singing about how much they liked "the cwars with the bwoom" (think the way that people in the UK imitate people in the US saying "cwoffee").

I started trying to track this song down. Initially, it was very confusing, since a large number of websites attributed this track to Le Tigre. Somehow, this didn't sounds quite like the riot grrl stylings of former Bikini Kill with the lyrics "we like the cars! the cars that go boom!". However, the explanation is in the next line: "we're tigra, and bunny, and we like the boom". Somehow "tigra and bunny" from L'Trimm had morphed in someone's head into "Le Tigre". Thank you for the confusion, anonymous internet idiot.

After much searching, I finally managed to find a copy of the original. Well worth seeking out if you can spare the time. Sadly, there seems to be little of their contribution to culture easily available. While searching for more information on them, I found many "if you like this, you might also like..." pages which pointed me in the direction of 21st century Brooklyn-based girl rap trio, Fanny Pack (another example of something that sounds much ruder in the UK). I was very hopeful for any band who can name their second album "See You Next Tuesday" (think about it, or urbandictionary it), but so far I have not been impressed. The only stand out track is their breakout single "Camel Toe". ("um hmm thats right uh huh, oh no, fix yourself girl, you got a Camel Toe"). Which you should track down a copy of and play over and over till you think it's quite good. In alternation with L'Trimm's "Cars with the boom".

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