From the mouths of sprogs

Since an early age, I've been acutely aware of the way in which we are lied to by the media. In particular, how special effects are achieved by the method of CSO, Colour Separation Overlay, Chromakey, more commonly known as "green screen" (or occasionally 'blue screen'). Possibly aided by editions of "Tomorrow's World", my child eagle eyes watched special effects sequences intently, and I would often be able to identify unreal images thanks to awkward outlines or lighting mismatches between foreground and background.

Being a small child, and thus still developing a suitably capacious vocabulary, I didn't know that this was CSO. Instead, I would squeak out excitedly "That's not real -- it's put on." Thus, 'put on' was the way me and my siblings would describe instances of chromakey when we saw them.

Now, here's my question: did anyone else say "put on" for this very specific meaning? Or was it something that we invented a name for, not knowing any better?

Your message for the day: whenever someone makes a bald assertion, and then follows it up with "and that's a fact", you can know for sure that it's compelte garbage. And that's a fact!

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AC said...

"Everything's a lie and that's a fact!" --Meatloaf