Relative Values

Only just noticed the following:

Price of 1.5L bottle of Sprite = $1.09
Price of 1.89L bottle of milk = $2.19

What kind of country has values like this?

Thinks: what is the equivalent cost in the UK?
1.29GBP for 2 litres of Sprite
30p/pint for milk -- so about 1 pound for 2 litres of milk.

Hmm. Not quite so bad.

Lolly stick joke: What did the lawyer name her daughter?


[Edit] I guess I shouldn't try to post lolly stick jokes from memory, as I go and repost an old one. Here's the one I should have posted:

What kind of phone does a turtle have?
A shell-ular phone


Thanks to the non-fathers against injustice campaign for pointing that out.

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