Clean, clean, clean

Cleaning is so difficult. Who would have expected that one house could have such a large total surface area? The worst part is the vacuuming: first you vacuum the floor with the big vacuum; then you empty the accumulated dust into the bin, and express shock that there could be quite such a large volume of skin cells and hair lying about the place (since you also emptied it just before embarking); then you use the small vacuum to clean up around the bin to get the dust that fell out while you were emptying the large vacuum; then you take out the bin bag because it's now full of rubbish; then you take the bin to the bathroom and wash the bin because it smells and has old bits of food lying around the bottom of it; and then you have to wash the bath; finally, in a bit, I'll fill the bath with hot water and wash myself. It's all very self-referential and infinite regress-y, like one of those InfiniteCat.com/Fark NewYorkPost memes that spirally around the internet at the moment.

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