The Gallery

Time for some screenshots that I've been saving up for a while, and might as well get rid of now. First, what's on TV tonight:

Hmm, one for the MD5 geeks out there, I suppose.

Next, proof -- if proof were needed -- that Excel is somewhat of a crappy program:

Can't have two files with the same file name open at the same time? That sounds like bad programming...

Lastly, a cry for help. Do you have friends who have fancying McIntosh computers? You know, the ones that come in pretty colours? Well, you may have noticed that many of these have a nice fancy screensaver that shows their digital photographs and smoothly transitions between them. What I want is one of those but for a PC. It has to be freeware/shareware with no nags (because I'm cheap). Any suggestions?

[Edit: OK, so in fact the most convenient solution seems to be the "My Pictures Slideshow" screensaver built into WinXP. Which is a start, except, I can't specify other directories, remove the more vile transition effects, or otherwise configure the slideshow to the extent that I would like. It's the straw man that others will be judged against, though]

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