Travel Log

Ugh. I just won the seating chart bingo on my flight home, as the guy with the screaming child was in the seat next to mine. Earplugs notwithstanding, I got to enjoy the brat shrieking and grabbing at me for eight hours while the sprog's mother sat a dozen rows back and slept. I probably should have suggested a swap, but my innate politeness overcame me. We landed an hour late, and sat around for a plane to vacate our bay; then some more waiting to be pulled those last few feet to the terminal. An unusually long queue for a taxi, and to cap it all the driver finishes the journey by arguing with my choice of highway exits for the fastest arrival (does he not want a tip?). But I'm home now, albeit later than planned, and with more of a hideous headache than I would like. And the one thing I was anticpating causing the most hassle -- the immigration counter -- was, for once, running with almost no delay.

Anyway, amongst the mail is some unsolicited crap suggesting that I change my car insurance. It tells me that "81.7% of all New Jersey drivers who called and switched realized savings. 17% who switched from Allstate saved, 22% who switched from Geico saved, 20% who switched from State Farm saved." Which suggests that the person writing the bumpf doesn't understand percentages and conditional probabilities, or else they really don't want my business after all.

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