The Italian Job

This time next week, I have the unmitigated joy of a brief trip to Italy to present a brief tutorial on water management, or some such similar. I forget the details exactly. Normally, this would be a good excuse to esacpe from the snow of New Jersey to the more tolerable climes of Europea. But, as seems to be the case a lot at the moment, I have a deadline hanging over my head for when I get back. And for some reason, I can't relax fully when there is a deadline in the offing. So instead of lying back to enjoy the wine and pasta, I'll be... well, enjoying the wine and pasta, obviously, but also furtively trying to check my email even though there's not really anything useful I could be doing until I get back to the land of precipitation, subzero temperatures and warm printers with letter paper.

But anyway, yes, if anyone who happens to know me is in the immediate vicinity of Caserta next week, do let me know. I'll also be taking a couple of extended stopovers in Gatwick, but I wouldn't wish those on anyone.

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