No Webkinz

Passing a shop this evening, there was a big sign outside proudly announcing "No webkinz". So when I got home, I looked this up, and discovered this.
"This has exploded, everyone wants one now. It's insane, we can't keep up with the orders," said Linda Wisotsky, the co-owner of Bedazzling, a gift boutique in Basking Ridge that sells Webkinz.

Hmm, doesn't this seem just like the start of a science fiction story? But, more like one by Ray Bradbury than Philip K. Dick, in case that is any comfort. Probably a retro-futuristic retelling of the Pied Piper myth.

In other news, if you ask the Sirius Cybernetics Search Engine for directions from America to Europe, it will tell you to go jump in a lake! Or stick your head in a pig, something like that. Isn't that just incredibly hilarious, so hilarious that it needs repeating on every single blog and news website as if it is of some genuine consequence?


msw said...

Webkinz, stuffed animals with on-screen counterparts, are flying off the shelves

This sounds to me like a worrying development.

Anonymous said...
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