I don't know if it's just the Christmas season, but my search logs have taken a notedly pervy turn of late (well, more so than usual). Here are some of the searches that are currently attracting visitors:

swoosh bidet
"fiona nude" shrek
Dervla Kerwin nude
nude drawer
Kelis nude
keira nightly nude pictures
clemence posey naked
hilton sistors
private sex bloggs
keira nightly
spear bottom drawer ep --- I've had this one before, about two and a half years ago. Still no idea what it means.
Lena Headey nude
"victoria's egret"
clemence posey
kelis nude
"clemence posey" nude

So, good to know that I rank highly for the keyword 'nude'. Also must be doing pretty well for those mis-spelled favourites, Dervla Kerwin, Keira Nightly and Clemence Posey. People continue to be strange.

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