Yes, good news for all fans of Ian McShane: there's a website that links to all the latest Ian McShane news (or Iannews, I suppose). Including a recent posting here. Gosh. Makes you wonder why they bother, really...

Other news: hughanchor had another blue screen moment this morning, after having been on all night. So could be a heat issue, but more reason to do the mobo transplant soon.

I got a card through my door apparently advertising the new Narnia film. But on the back, it says:
"See the movie... come explore the meaning with us... we want to invite you to join us on Sundays as we unravel the spiritual truths woven into the story and the parallels between Narnia and our own world. It could change your life. The presbyterian church at New Providence. Christ Centered, People Focused".

There are many, many, many things wrong with, but not least is the fact that they have a slogan. Since when did churches have slogans? And yes, feel free to quote apposite examples from the bible, I'm sure that there are loads.

Recent internet web searches that have caused people to visit this website:

1. nude drawer (which is where I keep my dirty pictures)
2. Clemence Posey address (learn to spell her name first)
3. wincy willis picture (try image search, fool)
4. sergey brin girlfriend (notable only because it does not also include the words "naked" or "nude", but then...)
5. Linda Bellingham sucked me off (best search term *ever*)

Lastly, I appear to be beset by incompetent phishermen. Many times I've received emails with an obviously spammy or phishery title, but no content. The latest one is even better: it's a multipart message from "Amazon" asking me to log into my account to stop it being deactivated. But they've only remembered to include the plain text alternative that has the correct amazon.com address in it, and forgotten to include the HTML version that would actually have the directions to the phishing website. Idiots.

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