Have yourself a merry little Christmas

I had two christmases this year: an American style Christmas, and a British one. The first I achieved the simple way, by hijacking a passing American family and attending their festivities. The second required a little more effort: I had to simulate it in my apartment. I collected together a couple of presents for myself, from things I happened to have lying around. These included the new motherboard for hughanchor, so I spend most of the morning performing the transplant operation. It seemed to more or less succeed, modulo a rush to buy some thermal grease, and the realization that a P4 chip is a lot smaller than you would think given the size of the heatsink. It seems to be accepting the transplant so far, but it's hard to tell, given the sporadic nature of the recent crashes.

Then I put on "Carol's from King's" while I cooked the dinner --- nothing too fancy, just roast chicken and roast potatoes (not complex enough to attract the interest of Angel and her cronies). Then I enjoyed the adventures of Doug Who in the Christmas Invasion (which, thankfully, I'd managed to avoid constant hype for by the simple expedient of being in a different country), and the somewhat less impressive Chopratown. All in all, most satisfactory.

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