Which Doctor?

According to the Guardian, Channel 4 is going to launch TV's first interactive drama, wherein viewers phone-in to decide "what happens next". How groundbreaking! Or at least, it would be, if the BBC hadn't done it first as a throwaway kids show in the 1980s, presented by top future Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy. According to TV Cream, and who am I to doubt them, it was called What's Your Story?. So there.


RjY said...

I remember that but I have no idea what happened in it

But I do remember McCoy looked like he hadn't shaved for weeks, for some reason

Matt said...

And I'm sure I remember some similar nonsense being on ITV in the mid '90s, with viewers invited to phone-vote one of several options at strategic points through the show.

I can't remember the name or the exact dates. And please forget I ever watched anything on ITV, ever.

The concept has some potential, anyway. It's probably more immediate than, if you dislike the current plot, turning the television off until they cancel the show concerned.