Off with their... obvious puns

More television related malarkey. I watched the pilot of "head cases", a drama about a pair of lawyers with mental disorders. Do you see what they've done there? Passable, I thought, but unfortunately everyone else disagreed, and it got cancelled after a mere two episodes.

Still, at least it gave headline writers the opportunity to bring out every possible cliche. Here are some of their worst:

Fox Cuts Off "Head Cases"
FOX's 'Head Cases' First on the Chopping Block
"Head Cases" Get Axed
Fox's 'Head Cases' is a little too nutty
'Head Cases' a no-brainer
Fox's Tedious 'Head Cases': Criminally Inane
'Head Cases' Fails to Convince Jury of Peerers
Head Cases may be crazy like a Fox
Despite likable stars, 'Head Cases' is a major trial

Perhaps it's a good thing it got cancelled, sparing us more of this awful headlinery.

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