Groundhog day...

Well, here we go again. As I prepare to leave my comfortable, warm apartment for a second assault on EWR-->YVR I can't help asking myself why, and lacking a convincing argument, the best I can come up with is sheer bloody mindedness. Plus some non-refundable deposits, I suppose.

I'll leave you with this thought from an idiot columnist writing in The (London) Times that I've been carrying around since January 4th. He is complaining about having to administer his own check-out operations at a Home De(s)pot store in New York. He ends with the following coda:

"I have since read that it costs $15 per transaction run a 'staffed' checkout lane. That includes the employee's pay and benefits. My trip to Home Depot cost $300. Does that mean I could have had 20 people ring me up without the shop losing any money?"


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