Announcing GoogleGoogle

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. Google, Inc (ticker symbol GOOG) announces a new service, GoogleGoogle. CEO Sergey Brin (or was it Larry Page? I can never tell those two apart) explained: "With the recent launch of stupidly many new services of limited value to most users, such as GoogleVideo, GoogleScholar, GooglePrint, plus new projects such as GoogleVoIP, GoogleBrowser, GoogleSmartBomb, GoogleWorldDomination and GoogleFlavoredPeanutButter, we have found that our users are increasingly unable to find the search service that they are looking for. But we at Google are used to helping people navigate through vast amounts of amateurishly put together information so they can extract useful information from it, and with this in mind, we are please to announce GoogleGoogle: this allows users to enter search terms and within seconds find the Google service that is most suited to answering their question. Or, if no service can be found, it immediately hires two software engineers and deploys them to start coding up a new solution that is ready to use in less than five days."

Um, yeah, fill in the rest yourself.

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