Ivor Biggun

I'm still constantly beseiged by searches for people looking for "George Formby - Wanker Song" and variants on this, so I think it's finally time for me to let you out of your misery.

What you are actually looking for is a song released in the UK in 1979 by "Ivor Biggun". The 'official' title of the song was "The Winker's Song (misprint)" [sic] ([sic]) {([sic]}) etc. There are various myths and stories around this release, most of which can be found by googling (eg, the title/cover art was obscured because workers at the record packing factory refused to touch it otherwise, etc.). "Ivor Biggun" is still apparently alive and well, if you look for his home page. He achieved some fame as 'Doc Cox' on "That's Life", but unfortunately you are far too young to remember that.

Now please, stop bothering me about it. And you'll have to find your own links to it to actually find the thing.

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