Obligatory End of Year Wrap Up Post

In 2008, I wasn't organized enough to keep a list of which books I read as I did in 2007, but it was probably rather less than 50. But, thanks to Netflix, I am able to easily recover a list of which films made it through my rather idiosyncratic random selection system again. So here they are, along with my sardonic short reviews:

  1. Man on Wire: not to be confused with Man on Fire.
  2. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: Completely unmemorable
  3. Porco Rosso: You'll believe a pig can fly!
  4. The Yes Men: Pranksters take down the WTO
  5. Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder: Disc 1: Diminishing returns
  6. Man on Fire: not to be confused with Man on Wire
  7. Wishful Thinking: irredeemable weak rom-com
  8. A Few Good Men: the truth hurts
  9. Helvetica: You'll believe a font can love!
  10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: can't get you out of my head
  11. The Cat's Meow: the truth Hearst
  12. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: and don't come back
  13. Collateral: Damaged thriller
  14. Adaptation: A proper Charlie
  15. Chasing Amy: If you seek Amy?
  16. Quadrophenia: Where do the Who live?
  17. The Sting: Call the police!
  18. Blade: Good clean Vampire fun
  19. The Cheap Detective: The Falk Guy
  20. Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic: Same jokes, different order
  21. Steamboy: Steam punk
  22. The Collected Shorts of Jan Svankmajer: Eat my shorts!
  23. Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man: You'll believe a man can lose an election
  24. Howl's Moving Castle: More Miyazaki Madness
  25. King Kong: Gorilla goes Ape
  26. D.E.B.S.: Oddly positioned lesbian love story
  27. The Godfather: not the head you want to be given
  28. Sketches of Frank Gehry: mind the sharp edges
  29. All the President's Men: the truth brings down the pres
  30. Street Fight: dirty politics in Newark
  31. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: best fillibuster in movie history
  32. North by Northwest: crop-duster
  33. Lost in Translation: Come again?
  34. Ocean's Twelve: A sequel too far
  35. Van Helsing: Mindless action
  36. Maxed Out: apparently we're borrowing too much
  37. Why We Fight: to feed the military-industrial complex
  38. Silent Running: psychopath murders crew in space
  39. Starter for Ten: UBris hubris

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