Movies of the Year

Last time I bored you senseless with a tedious list of books that I read in 2007. Now I can do the same with the list of all the movies that I watched in 2007. Well, not all the movies; only the ones that came to me in little red envelopes from the NetFlix corporation. They have a handy feature which lets you see the list of films that you've viewed, so it's just a matter of cut and paste. Just think, with increasing automation, soon everything you do, read, or watch can be conveniently documented, annotated, datamined and exploited. Won't that be fun? I could even trawl through my last.fm history and see what I listened to in 2007, but that would bore even me. Anyway, here's the list (with the customary 7 word review):

  1. Fantastic Four: silly emotionless by-the-comic-book adaptation
  2. Hellboy: Animated: Blood & Iron: fun but simplistic animated comic book movie
  3. Topkapi: Peter Ustinov heist caper with Rififi riff
  4. Garden State: You'll believe New Jersey can be romantic!
  5. The Philadelphia Story: "screwball" Hepburn comedy with surprisingly few laughs
  6. Local Hero: quicky rom-com: landscape is the love interest
  7. Layer Cake: half Bond, half Lock-Stock, all half-baked
  8. March of the Penguins: Just a nature documentary, why the fuss?
  9. Firewall: Implausible Ford thriller, with too little technology
  10. Little Miss Sunshine: Vastly over-rated failed to raise a smile
  11. Accepted: Feel-good fake university comedy of the year
  12. The Graduate: Parodies are more amusing than the original
  13. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room: Scary story of corporate greed and fraud
  14. Tommy: Quirky comic opera - an overlooked rock classic
  15. Hacking Democracy: Troubling tale of tallies that don't tally
  16. Passport to Pimlico: Amusing high concept lacks any noticeable jokes
  17. Crank: Preposterous action video game in movie form
  18. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: Hymn to San Francisco's birds and hippies
  19. Catwoman: Surprisingly underrated comicbook caper ticks the boxes
  20. Moulin Rouge: Dark musical with some show-stopping numbers
  21. Wordplay: Gripping documentary on crosswords and their solvers
  22. Flushed Away: Aardman's first CGI makes rats almost lovable
  23. Man of the Year: Shows why Stewart-Colbert couldn't (shouldn't?) happen
  24. Ocean's Eleven: Likeable heist movie carried by cast's charisma
  25. A Prairie Home Companion: Weak adaptation but makes Lindsay Lohan likeable
  26. Network: "I'm not going to take this anymore!"


AC said...

Good on you for finally ticking off Network

John R Morgan said...

March of the Penguins may just be a nature documentary, but it kept my kids quiet for a couple of hours.

Is your games list next? I expect Scrabulous to be in there.