I win at email

Just about to set off for the airport, and after sending the final paper (of, er, about five in the last four weeks), I made a final push, and got the total number of messages sitting unanswered in my inboxen down to 8. Yay. Of course, as soon as I go away, it will start shooting up again, and because of limited email access, will probably reach a hundred or so before I return at the end of the month and start hacking away again. It's like some kind of never ending tetris game, except that there's no limit to how high the stack can get. So, as I mentioned before, this is it. I am now closing 2007, and am not prepared to take on anything further till 2008. Please remember to check out my travel itinerary in a recent blog post and ping me if you will be around in any of my locales for the rest of the month, else I shall bid you adieu for now.

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