dial up

everytime i come back, dial up gets worse and worse. why isn't there some kind of temporary broadband you can get? it doesn't help that every time I try to resuscitate the account I set up last time i was here, it is dead, the provider has changed, and I have to go through a tedious set up procedure all over again. my mobile phone is also dead, but since it's about ten years old, it's probably time to pay ten quid and get one from this century.

this time for the first time I do see loads of wireless access points around me from home -- but they are all secured. that's not fair. i'd consider cracking them, but this seems altogether more complicated than it needs to be. why isn't there a one click solution to feed my addiction?

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Dave said...

I use Emergency Internet if I need temporary dialup. No need to register.

Although they've changed the number to one that's not so easy to remember now.