Today in New Jersey

Hat bandit does not strike again (although he did on wednesday considerably further south than normal)

Days most puzzling (mis?)quotation: Menendez joked about the college student diet of rum and noodles -- are you sure he didn't say "Ramen Noodles"? And if not, shouldn't you clarify this?

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offensive_mango said...

One of the horrific magazines they have in newspapers here in the UK recently had an interview with Beth Ditto (between articles about the most recent hilarious things the journalists' toddlers said or pooed) wherein they claimed that Ditto said the secret of Southern cooking was to "use baking grease." She, of course, said to use BACON grease.

I wonder how many of Crouch End's yummy mummies are losing sleep over what "baking grease" might be and whether they can get it in any of the local specialist organic shops.