Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of a party

In response to misheard quotations, the best ever was the subject of a libel action, and the subject of a correction in the guardian's Corrections and Clarifications:
"In an article headed "Black and Blue" yesterday, we interviewed Patty Boulaye about her intention to stand for the Greater London assembly as a Conservative. The interview took place in Conservative Central Office. In the course of the article, we quote Ms Boulay, a prominent Black actress and singer as saying, "This is a time to support apartheid... I mean people say, "Why didn't you support it when it was in government?" Because it would have been the fashionable thing to do. This is a time to support apartheid because it is unfashionable. What Ms Boulaye actually said was "a party", meaning the Conservative Party. At no time during the interview was apartheid mentioned"

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