Living on my phone

Another message left on my answering machine (in the middle of the night too, but fortunately I slept right through it). Just like this one.

But then I realised that my super new mp3 player (you can never have too many mp3 players, at least if you choose the right ones.) has an inbuilt microphone. So instead, I just recorded the two messages: the previous one and the new one.

Now, how to make this available to you? I could try to host the audio file somewhere, but that's a pain to find somewhere stable and make sure that it will work for someone. Now, if it was a video then I could just upload it to chewyoob, but when I tried it with just audio, it got rejected.

So, what I could do is take an existing video, replace the audio with the recorded audio, and upload it. The recording was just under a minute, so I had to look for a video of about the right length. And I found an old BBC advert for digital television. These ads didn't get shown very much, because they scared the excrement out of people who saw them. Anyway, this means that you can now share in the joy of messages left on my answering machine with a rather surreal video accompaniement which, if you try hard, you can almost believe matches (I made no attempt to match them up).

[alternate video link here]

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Bill Tozier said...

The giant flying head-clouds (also a line from an old Yes song, as I recall) are a direct ... ummm, "re-implementation" of a graphic from the terrible Hong Kong wuxia remake Zu Warriors. Only there httpthey were clouds of flaming skulls.

Not so scary, flaming skulls, because of course it's obvious they'renot real at all.