Incitement to Copyright Theft

A chewyoob user named Hellbuster2 (grr! Hellbuster already taken!) writes to ask:

askin for a favour
if you can pls upload the rest of the movie "my date with president's daughter".


No! Naughty Hellbuster2! That would be copyright theft, stealing the loaves of bread from the starving artists hands. As noted before, I may occasionally share short clips of longer works for educational, illustrative purposes and for legitimate criticism. But an entire film? Not on your nelly! If you want to see the yourself, you should find one of the many legitimate ways to do so, such as, er, tracking down a rare copy of the deleted VHS casette tape on Amazon or ebay.

Maybe you could find it on ichoons (help you breve more easily), but I can't be bothered to work out how to get itoons to work on my computer.

Oh, here's an original version of one of those spooky floating heads videos from yesterday.

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