Halcali Stike Back!

You'll remember that my favourite Japanese J-pop/hip-hop/rap/female duo is Halcali, a pair of boiler-suit wearing young things who rock out with an awesome mix of smooth grooves and English/Japanese lyrics that make little sense in either language.

I first mentioned them back in December '03 (wow, such a long time ago!). When I got the chance to visit Japan in 2005, I made sure to buy a copy of their second album (for about $29, CDs are expensive in Japan), but I've still never managed to give you a good idea of what they sound like or how ace they really are.

Well, now thanks to the magic of the internet you can. Prompted by a recent Boing-boing post (I read it to keep abreast of what was posted on digg the week before), I discovered that while there aren't many places you can easily download their music, if you check out YouTube and related sites you can find loads of their videos painstakingly digitized by obsessive fans typing in codes to recreate the music and visuals needlework-style. Head over there right now, and see what you've been missing!

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