Spammers who can't even spam

Why is it that spammers are so incompetent? I've just received a slew of messages from "[%from_name%]" <[%from_email@]>, To: <[%to@]>. It's like they're not even trying.

I also got a spammy phone call from Chase (probable the real Chase as opposed to the phishers since they knew my name and card number) trying to force their "Identity Protection system" on me. For only $8 a month, they will make a token effort to stop my card details getting stolen. Surely this is a basic function of the service they are meant to be providing? My mind keeps turning back to Offensive_Mango's epic put-down Congratulations on doing your job. Once..

And the other day I got a call from some dodgy opinion pollsters. At least, I think they were pollsters, sometimes you get calls from people asking you a series of loaded questions so that the final one is (to paraphrase) "Well, since you seem to feel so strongly about this issues, I suppose you'll want to give us some money then"?

They got off to a bad start by asking to speak to the lady of the house; when I explained that this would have to be me, they grudgingly accepted me, muttering that this would only take 90 seconds of my time. Then the script went off on a long ramble along the lines of "Many mothers are becoming increasingly concerned that TV ratings are becoming increasingly lax, and that they are permitting too much to be shown. Do you agree with this?" Now, I'm still smarting from the FCC's illogical decision that it's not allowed to show teenage orgies on Network TV, no matter how educational they are. So I began to reply "No. Actually, I think that there isn't nearly enough sex and violence on TV and that there should be a lot more...", but before I had finished, the caller had hung up on me. Honestly, that wasn't even close to my promised 90 seconds. How rude!

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