Boing-boing, meet stick. No, other end.

Boingboing breathlessly reports the latest stage of Nagib Callaos-baiting, and manages to completely get the wrong end of the stick. Again.

Let's be clear on this. WMSCI is not a conference. It is a scam. They spam academics, then accept almost any old crap, and charge fees for including the paper in the conference. Getting a randomly generated paper accepted there proves what a complete and utter scam it is, not that the random generator is so sophisticated that it can fool serious reviewers. Anyone looking at the paper can tell it's incoherent nonsense. That's the point.

For someone who claims that bloggers should be treated as journalists and accorded the same rights and respect, CD/BB shows a quite staggering disregard for such things as journalistic research and standrards...


Anonymous said...

Aren't you being a little harsh on the White Miniature Schnauzer Club International?

Anonymous said...

There's a slightly more detailed account on The Reg: