AC asks "So XBMC is better than VLC?"

Well, maybe, but it's not quite a fair comparison. XBMC I use in its original incarnation, on a softmodded xbox to stream content off my main server. VLC I've used as a desktop video client, but I got increasingly frustrated with it: it would have problems rendering video occasionally: failing to show anything, but stopping and restarting the video would fix it. It also seemed very slow to seek. So I've gone back to my previous desktop solution: MediaPlayerClassic, plus ffdshow and possibly another codec pack or two ("Windows essential codec pack" seems to do the job, and is not obviously full of adware crap).

Well, you did ask.


jez said...

Oooh, that's very similar to my setup -- hardmodded original xbox plus server. Also using mythtv, which is pretty good for doing things like keeping n fresh episodes of some TV show without filling the server up with it.
For any non-xbox clients, just use ssh+mplayer.

The cool thing about it is that xboxes are almost free -- i have a couple lying around just for spares. Eventually I'd like to build something quieter though.

Sony VPCEG3PFXW said...

VLC is the best video player I have found.

Dummy me why I sticked with Win Media player for years.