Lies, Damned Lies...

In the attached over-exposed picture, you can see an advertisement for a local (real) estate agent [They're called Real Estate Agents over here; presumably, there was once a problem with fake estate agents]. It took me a very long time to work out what the main graph was showing. Perhaps you can figure it out more quickly than I did?


John R Morgan said...

When you click on the image in your blog you see:

"Burgdorff sell their listings over asking price"

in the middle of the screen.

It certainly makes the job a bit easier.

The poster sucks though.

jez said...

how the hell to sell for over the asking price?
"So do you like it? We're asking for £200000."
"Like it? I love it! So much, in fact, I'll bung you an extra grand, go buy yourself a new suit."