Music Quiz Answers

No-one apart from RjY and the famous McGregor seemed in the slightest bit interested in the last lyrics quiz, so as punishment, here are the answers:

1. Glasgow

I was sick and tired of everything when I called you last night from Glasgow -- Super Trouper, Abba

2. Hackensack, NJ

You oughta know by now who needs a house out in Hackensack? Is that what you get with your money? -- Moving Out, Bruce Springsteen Billy Joel (posting while asleep)

3. Union, NJ

Union, Union, Union City Blue -- Union City Blue, Blondie
(how could you not get that one? It really is about Union, NJ and everything)

4. Timperley

Just about anything by Frank Sidebottom.

5. Milan

As pointed out by RjY, Right Said Fred. Well done on your knowledge of camp 90s novelty pop.

6. Munich

New York, London, Paris, Munich, Everybody's talkin' bout -- Pop Musik, by M
Another easy one.

7. Deptford (obscure)

"Maybe your lover is living in Deptford?" -- Pimlico, by David Devant and His Spirit Wife. No one recognises this lyric from the first single that never appeared on an album of a band that no one has heard of? I'm disappointed.

8. Cleveland

Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks! -- Cleveland Rocks, Ian Hunter

9. El Paso

Obviously, Asshole from El Paso, by Kinky Friedman. How easy can I make this?

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CrazyDave said...

Bruce? Try Billy Joel. There was a Musical called Movin' Out.

I love that song, but must admit, I'd never really thought about Havensack (as I missheard it) as a place.